I Love to Write

Shaun M. Johnson Writing

I write often, love to write. It does not matter if, it is academic, technical, professional, blogging, poetry, imaginative, or articles, I take similar steps during the entire process. I may occasionally take a different approach depending on certain situations.
Sometimes when writing, things just come to me that may or may not be conjunct with previous notes or scribbles of lines. I often write these ideas down on paper, receipts, newspaper, envelopes, or anything I can get my hands on. I keep them in a folder, so as not forgotten entirely. During the process, I like to edit, rearrange, add or subtract and use a thesaurus or rhyming dictionary as resources depending on what I’d like to say or how.
No, matter the styles of writing:
• I go into it (steps in the entire process) initially with ideas of a possible outline (assuming that the subject has already been determined)
• What it is I would actually like to say, prove, report, debate, or amalgamate, then
• Into draft (which is normally also part of or combined with the revision process).
• Sometimes the conclusion comes to be before the actual body or introduction and all of which, in terms of shaping, have no set sequence or chronology as part of the actual idea forming outline/draft process. With a proper thesis, a conclusion is easier to obtain when you have thought out the substantial content in between.
• As far as copyediting goes, I usually either read it over a few times or have someone else read before I publish the piece or work.

No real set importance, I believe that any factor of the writing process is just as important as the rest. Without a good, interesting subject and vision, you could write a bunch of meaningless facts to no audience. Without a proper outline, the content is either out of order of importance, sequence, or jumbled, vague ideas of content. Without drafting, revision and editing, words can be misspelled, sentences run-on and content would make no real sense or cause the reader to have to reread, misunderstand, and not get any point across whatsoever.

Practice does make perfect, revisions and editing will be accomplished the first or second time as opposed to third, fourth, and fifth.
If you love to write, let it bleed from your soul…